Why Warranty Your Motorhome

Warranty my Motorhome:

Purchasing a motorhome is big financial investment and you will want to ensure that you are protected, and you are covered if any unforeseeable breakdowns occur.

The last thing you want is to be on holiday in your motorhome and a fault arise and you do not have the means or finances to fix it.

Warranty for your motorhome covers you for repairs to the motorhome for many faults.

New motorhomes will come with a manufacturer’s warranty that will cover until the motorhome is of a certain age. This will cover the engine and transmissions, the fuel and ignition, steering and suspension, clutch and brakes and gearboxes.

It will cover the costs of repairs that should not have occurred in the timeframe covered by the manufacturer of the motorhome.

Warranty my Motorhome

If you purchase a motorhome that is not covered by motorhome manufacturer’s warranty, then this is where we can help.

We have a range of motorhome warranty options to suit various individual requirements. The warranties we offer are all underwritten by insurers which will cover not only the van bas but also the conversion.

If you are purchasing a motorhome or have already purchased a motorhome, we suggest that you consider the following when thinking of taking a warranty

•Is there a limit on how many repairs you can have?

•Is there a limit on the cost of the claim?

•How much will you be expected to contribute towards the repairs?

•Which components of the motorhome are covered?

•How can I claim?

•Are the repairs local or do I need to travel out of the way to have the motorhome repairs completed?

•Who covers the cost of transporting the motorhome to the garage?

•Is a replacement motorhome offered whilst mine is being repaired?

•How much is the planned usage of the motorhome?

•Does the cover include leaks?

Our experts here are available to help with motorhome warranty and any questions or queries that you may have do not hesitate to speak to one of our experts today who will be more than happy to help you with any questions relating to motorhome warranty.

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