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20-20 Warranty

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Making Dealership Solutions Simple

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20-20 Warranty

Our Products & Services

A New Vision


20-20 Warranty - Bronze, Silver, Gold

Our flexible range of products for all your business needs.


20-20 Clear Cover Warranty Platinum

When we created our market leading clear cover warranty, we had the customers at the centre of our philosophy.


20-20 Admin Scheme

Manage claims on behalf of The Dealer for repairs carried out by the dealer and third-party repairers


20-20 Clear Cover - Paint and Fabric Protection

Prevention against damage to your vehicle's interior and exterior.


Road Rescue

Satisfaction, support and assistance in the case of a breakdown.


Alloy Wheel Protect

This is a non-insured Alloy wheel protection system with a 3-year guarantee.

Making Dealership Solutions Simple

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Our Story

Next-generation thinking...a new vision

20-20 Warranty was borne out of a desire to provide Dealers with a quality product range that will keep the industry moving forward and a philosophy that’s appealing for Dealers and customers alike.

The 20-20 product range has been created to provide the best products available combined with a support service that gets customers back on the road quickly, with minimum stress and inconvenience. How? By focussing on fairness and common sense, not looking for loopholes.

We launched 20-20 Warranty with a mission to help Dealers sell vehicles with market-leading protection packages for their customers. These now include the 20-20 Clear Cover, 20-20 Admin Scheme, Warranty, Road Rescue and Alloy protect.

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Levels of Cover

Our Flexible Cover Options

20-20 Warranty


20-20 Warranty: Bronze, Silver, Gold

This is our flexible range which covers basic needs at Bronze level, and limited components at Silver level. Gold level covers full mechanical and electrical components including DPF filter and duel mass flywheel which most providers charge extra for, plus a comprehensive rescue and recovery package.


20-20 Clear Cover Warranty: Platinum

A premium product with all the benefits of Gold cover in addition to wear and tear cover.


20-20 Clear Cover Paint and Fabric Protector

This is a 3rd generation protection system for your car, with a one coat application. Once applied it will provide protection against UV rays, acid rain, mud, dirt and bird droppings. On the inside of the vehicle it will protect against spilt drinks, pet stains and ground-in dirt. Our product comes with a guarantee for the period of the customer’s ownership.

The protection bonds with the pores in your paint work and bumpers, alloys and glass* leaving a smooth high gloss finish. This will protect it against tree sap, road pollutants and every day weathering including UV light and frost.

*Must not be applied to the windscreen


So Why a 20-20 Admin Scheme?

Contribution to a dealer warranty fund to cover the cost of the provided warranty cover

20-20 will: –

  • Provide a web-based policy registration system
  • Administer polices registered
  • Manage claims on behalf of The Dealer for repairs carried out by the dealer and third-party repairers
  • Settle claims to third party repairers on behalf of The Dealer
  • Provide statistical information on the performance of the scheme monthly
  • Provide proactive feedback on the performance of the scheme, which will include recommendations on funding levels

Claims Fund:

The administration scheme can operate in 2 ways

All monies collected by 20-20 Warranty (monthly invoices) and claims deducted from the fund which is held by us in a “ring fenced” bank account.

Fund contributions held by The Dealer (ideally in “ring fenced” bank account) and 20-20 Warranty would be provided with a claims float which would be “topped up” to agreed levels at the end of each month.

Making Dealership Solutions Simple

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So what is it that makes us the Preferred Dealership Provider....

Dealer's Testimonials

“Our business has developed a great partnership with Simon over the years, we are continuously impressed with the level of service that we receive and the outstanding response time from the 2020 Warranty team.“


“Simon and the team have had all of our Warranty needs covered from day one across all of our dealership branches, their exceptional 'can do' attitude makes them a pleasure to work with, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.“


“The simple and easy to use dealership platform that 2020 Warranty offer makes it so much quicker to arrange and apply Warranty cover and other uninsured products than any other provider we have worked with and Simon and the team are great to work with too.“


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