The low down on car warranty

Warranty my car –

Car Warranty is essentially an insurance policy that covers you if the mechanical aspect of your car breaks.

Car warranty covers the coast of fixing certain problems up to a specified amount agreed within the warranty.

Manufacturers car warranty comes when you purchase a new car and covers the car for a specified number of years.

Once this expires there is often the option to extend the manufacturer’s warranty also.

Warranty My Car specialise in used car warranties with fantastic deals ensuring that your car is covered and will not set you back should a fault occur.

Why chose a used car warranty?

Car warranty is not a legal requirement however it gives you the peace of mind that if a fault does occur with your vehicle that you won’t be left struggling to pay for expensive repair bills.

Our warranties offer different cover, and we can adapt to suit you and your needs.

When deciding whether to take out a used car warranty we suggest to customers to consider the following.

•The age and mileages of the car – older cars with very high milage do have more expensive terms when it comes to warranty a more is likely to go wrong with them.

•Repair costs- If something was to go wrong with your car would you be able to fund the cost of repair to fix the car? If not, then it’s worth looking at taking on of our warranties.

•The type of policy and cover required – Our policies do vary so it’s worth discussing your individual needs with one of our experts.

•The terms and conditions – Our warranties as with all warranties do come with terms and conditions so we advise to check these before entering your agreement to ensure that you are happy and understand your policy.

What do our warranties cover?

As we said each warranty offers different cover relating to the electrical and mechanical systems on your car.

The warranties can offer to cover the following types of faults.

•Air conditioning



•Gear box



•Braking system

•Fuel system

•Engine faultsIf you are considering a car warranty take a look at our plans here and if you need any advice, contact one of our experts today and we can guide you.

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