What is Car Dealer Warranty?

Car Warranty is similar to an insurance. Car Dealer Car Warranty protects you for some , if not all of the costs should the vehicle malfunction within a specific timeframe outlined within the warranty.

New cars come with a warranty as standard as this is stipulated by the manufacturers, However with used cars it is a little more complicated as they are not covered by manufacturers’ warranty which is where car dealer warranty is important. 

Do you need a car dealer warranty?

In short, the simple answer is yes, you should always ensure that you get a car dealer warranty when purchasing a vehicle.  This is to protect from unwanted large mechanic bills should there be a fault or malfunction on the purchased vehicle.  

Car Dealer Warranties don’t have to be expensive and can cost as little as a few hundred pounds over a year, this could save you a fortune should something major go wrong with the car as this could end up costing thousands of pounds if you are not covered. Car dealer warranties vary so when looking for one ensure that you speak to one of our car dealer warranty experts to provide you with the best advice. 

How do car dealer warranties work?

Car dealer warranty is offered for between one and five years from the point of purchase. Different warranties cover different aspects of vehicle malfunctions should the car breakdown or need a repair. Some warranties will cover the full cost and some cover partial costs it depends on the type of cover you chose. This also goes for labour and parts. You can discuss this one of our experts and find out more about the options we provide here.

Types of car dealer warranties

We offer a range of car dealer warranties including:

  • 20-20 warranty Essential cover 
  • 20-20 warranty Protect and go 
  • 20-20 warranty insured products
  • 20-20 warranty commercial division
  • 20-20 warranty paint and fabric protection

Find out more by clicking the links above to find information in each type of cover we provide.

Each of our warranties offer different levels of car dealer protection and our experts are on hand to provide you with friendly advice on each one. If you are not sure just ask. It is also important to remember that you must keep up a full-service history of the vehicle in order for the warranty to be valid, this is often forgotten about and can be a downfall to some if they bypass this important piece of advice. This is also the case for general maintenance you must ensure that you look after the vehicle i.e. maintain regular oil checks etc to keep the warranty in place. 

If you have any questions or wish to discuss one of our car dealer warranties, contact us today and our friendly team will be more than happy to help. 

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